Holiday planning

My “summer” holidays are in a couple of weeks and I couldn’t be more looking forward to them as I haven’t been feeling my best lately, it’s always the same with each change of season. David and I are flying to the US to spend a few days exploring New York City and visiting friends in Boston. I have never been to America, or anywhere outside of Europe really, so I’m super excited about it (and a nervous wreck too).

My number one priority as a tourist in NY has to be the museums, in fact the decision to go there was hugely influenced by the Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image. How could I pass up the chance to see the real Kermit the Frog up close, or a chat with the muppeteer who plays Elmo? However after that’s done I plan to be fully dedicated to shopping (and eating pies), so I have been writing down interesting addresses and searching for the best vintage stores I could track down online.

Some of the stores I’m looking forward to visiting the most are Madewell (where I might try to snatch something from Alexa Chung’s collection too), Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo and A.P.C. I know they might not be typical american but hey, we don’t have any of these over here! Also I am in desperate need of a pair of saddle shoes from Bass since I abused mine until they fell apart, but I discovered the brand don’t have physical stores so I need to buy them online and have them shipped to our friends in Boston (thanks Marc!) beforehand. To help me remember evertything I need to check out I put together a shopping wishlist for the holidays.

Blouses from Topshop (the euro is still strong against the dollar so I’m taking advantage) / Madewell jeans, loafers and polka-dotted trousers (I mean, pants) / Kate Spade bag / Bass saddle shoes and Bass x Rachel Antonoff shoes / Paul & Joe’s last fall’s cat-shaped lipstick via Urban Outfitters.

Dress and skirt by A.P.C. Madras.

I can’t really afford to buy all of it at once and I’m afraid the Kate Spade bag may be a wee bit out of my budget, but a girl can dream, right?

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0 Responses to Holiday planning

  1. Ellie says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your upcoming trip sounds great, I hope you have an amazing time! I’m quite the opposite when it comes to traveling- never been out of the United States! That pink topshop blouse is a dream!

  2. Ahh such lovely things! Love all the shoes! x

  3. rebekka says:

    Oooooooh my goodness….cat-shaped lipstick? Yes, please!!!!!

  4. Terri says:

    thanks for your comment on Rags today. I hope the USA gives you a positive impression. What size shoe do you wear? I have a pair of those Bass oxfords in a 9.

    • celia says:

      I believe I’m a US size 8, I hope I’m ordering the right size since I would hate having to return them!

  5. Sistinas says:

    Mis vacaciones de “verano” también las estamos planeando para estas fechas, que ya tengo muchas ganas de salir de aquí por unos días!
    Me encantaría poder visitar NY, Yo he estado solo en Florida y en plan solo parques de diversiones, y a pesar de haberlo pasado genial (tenía 15 años) me hubiese encantado visitar otras cosas, o ir de tiendas.

    • celia says:

      A mi me encantaría visitar los parques! Quería hacer una escapada a Six Flags mientras estamos en NY pero al final no tenemos días para todo, otra vez será…
      Qué tenéis planeado vosotros para las vacaciones?

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