The world was a mess, but we had the Biscúter

Today was the highlight of an exhibition that has been on show for a while at Badalona’s Museum about the Biscúter. The Biscúter was a kind of super tiny car manufactured in Spain from 1953 and the factory was located just next to Badalona. This model was nicknamed “the slipper” for obvious reasons.Spain was desolate coming out of the Civil War and under the dictatorship of Franco it had to rely on national product as Europe blocked commercial relations with his government. The Biscúter (of french design) was light, simple and most importantly cheap. It was a big hit and many different models were produced for 10 years, when real cars like the SEAT 600 became affordable for most.


This is what I wore to see the Biscúter parade with about 25 of them, where the little cars ran through an obstacle track. It was pretty hilarious but sadly my camera battery died so I couldn’t capture the drivers sticking their feet out of the sides to work as reverse-gear.

I’ve been really busy and haven’t felt like dressing up a lot lately so I just wore jeans (my only pair and I sort of hate them anyway) and kept it comfy but threw my favourite cardigan on.

Cardigan: Liz Claiborne / Shirt: Fred Perry / Jeans: Mango


My family never was wealthy enough to purchase one, but in our family album we keep this picture of a moneyed acquaintance in hers (a woman driving, scandalous!), it’s a 1957 model with doors.

I would definitely love to own one of these, they are not only really cute but they also occupy 1/4 of a normal parking space. Not to mention that between two people you could park them by lifting and pushing it into position. Super handy!

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  1. Me gusta tu cardigan..y tu pelo ;)

  2. Rose jp says:

    Beautiful cardigan , i LOVE your stily
    Rose jp

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