Underground manners

Retronaut published an article with a series of posters made between 1976 and 1982 to remind customers about good manners when riding the Tokyo underground system. I found out about this via Paul Smith on Twitter, and I just loved the odd charm of it. Turns out there’s a lot more to public transportation manners than standing on the right side of the elevators and allowing passengers out before entering the vehicle.

These were compiled in the book Manner Poster 100, published by Teito Rapid Transit Authority in 1983. Unfortunately my japanese is not as good as to be able to read most of these, so we’ll have to believe the comments given on the original article.

“Space Invader” references the classic game and reminds us not to take up too much space on a crowded train.

Kappa is not pleased about smoking outside the designated non-smoking hours. I love kappas and the colours in this one.

Even if you are Napoleon, please show your train pass clearly to the staff.

AstroBoy reminds us not to forget personal belongings on the trains, as he returns an umbrella and his signature hat to Osamu Tezuka (who ironically is crossing the rails carelessly).

Don’t rush to enter the train after the sound signal goes off (you risk leaving your stilettos behind and/or finding a noble, rich husband)

My favourite is this one featuring Doraemon, warning office workers aboutdozing off while coming back (drunk) from their companies’ christmas parties. Priceless, and so true.

I love how eye-catching and creative they are, surely with this kind of posters people would pay more attention to their message than the usual pictograms. Whether people would follow them more readily or not is a different matter though…

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